The Richy & Jeff Show #16

LambAnd we’re back!

It’s been 4 weeks since our last podcast and in this episode we explain why. We think it’s a pretty good excuse and it gives us a good reason to play a classic 80s number anyway.

Jeff chooses a 70’s electronic rock sequel/homage to a Bowie classic for his old track and a groany old man for his new track. Rich goes for pseudo-classical cinematic goth as his old choice and (surprise, surprise) a bang-up-to-date-out-this-week electronica “choon!” for his new track.

No Randomizer round this show, but Jeff’s (failed) attempt to persuade Richy of the merits of a particular 60s pop chantreuse leads to a track they both agree is an absolute gem.

Plus: Richy reports back from seeing Underworld live and thanks his lucky stars for the lineup of bands that he’s seen over the last few months, he reviews a great British music movie, we discuss the gentrification of Techno, have the classic discussion about “Hallelujah”, and decide that life is indeed “Amazing.”

Oh! And Richy gets his Stone Roses and Charlatans mixed up – unforgivable!!

Anyway – we’re back on schedule, see you in a couple of weeks.

Thanks as always listening!

Richy & Jeff

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The Richy & Jeff Show #15

Black Tiger Sex Machine - Featured in Episode 15Episode 15 and we welcome our third guest to the show – DJ Mark Cooper, the previously hidden (at least to us) missing-link between Maidenhead and Ibiza.

As well as discussing Mark’s background, influences and current projects:
– Richy & Jeff report back from their trip to RockArchive, London ( for the Isle Of Noises ( book launch with author Daniel Rachel and special guest Chris Difford (‘im from Squeeze, innit!)
– Richy flies very much in the face of popular opinion
– Jeff admits to being a “giver”

Musically, Jeff’s back in the mainstream for his old track but then dives into deeper, darker water with another Soundcloud find for his new track.

Mark reveals a major influence and reminds us of an 80’s gem and then treats us to a preview of his New Bedford Falls Players ( track, “Cool Bango”.

Richy chooses a piece of druggy US pop-rock from the early noughties and a track from the new album by one his favourites (clue: see Episode 2!)

The Randomizer throws up a subject ripe for embarrassment and hilarity – and three TOTALLY different tracks.

Hope you enjoy the show, we certainly had a blast recording it. Get in touch let us know what you think.

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it.

Richy & Jeff (and Mark!)

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The Richy & Jeff Show #14

Episode 14 and it’s all gone a bit heavy…

Things start off gently enough with an ex-Beatle and some nice 80’s inspired synthpop (which reminds us of a true 80’s gem), but then it takes a left turn into darker territory.

The Randomizer gives Richy a perfect opportunity to depress everyone (although he claims that his track is a ‘nice’ piece that offers a chance for a moment’s contemplation) while, in a first, Jeff decides he can’t choose a track for this show’s subject, but plays a depressing tune anyway!

And then we’re back on familiar synth-heavy ground. Jeff plays a great piece of dark-electro-industrial-lite-dance music from one of his new twitter friends in LA and Richy chooses a new track from one of post-metal’s most interesting and hardworking frontmen – one huge band, three great side projects and an unmistakeable voice – which introduces us both to a previously unknown (and stupid) genre.

Richy reports back from Jane’s Addiction gig and is reminded that he needs to get on with putting together Now That’s What I Call Jeff Vol 1, while Jeff raises the almost inevitable Kate Bush discussion and proves once again that he is the light to Richy’s dark.

We had a lot of fun recording this show, hope you enjoy it, thanks as always for listening.

Episode 14 Tracklist
Kate Bush – The Dreaming
George Harrison – What is Life?
M83 – Kim & Jessie
The Lotus Eaters – First Picture Of You
The Cure – All Cats Are Grey
The Associates – Breakfast
Army On The Dancefloor – Machine MP3
Crosses – This Is A Trick

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The Richy & Jeff Show #13

Episode 13 and Richy plays a track from his goth days and scores a small victory in the battle to persuade Jeff that American rock can be good.

Jeff goes for a track by South African pop royalty (now sadly deceased) and plays a great remix of a track by a new Twitter friend.

The randomiser throws up a couple of especially random choices, despite an apparently obvious subject.

Plus: a totally unknown (at least by Richy), cancelled festival woes, a callout to fellow podcasters and all-round great guys @ukpodcasters, @yapaudio( and @sodajerker ( and all the usual inane chit-chat you know and love,

Thankfully little post-production needed in this episode, so Richy got an early night before “leaving on a jet plane” for his holidays.

Back in two weeks!

Thanks for listening, we really appreciate it!!

Episode 13 Tracklist
Brenda Fassi
The Bolshoi – Away
Swans Way – The Soul Train
Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air
Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack
self.same – Fragments (Robot Polymath Remix)
Anberlin – Fin

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The Richy & Jeff Show #12

Band Of Skulls - Featured in Episode 12Episode 12 and Jeff’s back from his Commonwealth jolly, fully recovered if a little OD’d on The Proclaimers.

It’s probably a fairly safe bet that Elvis, David Sylvian, A Perfect Circle and Chumbawumba have never been featured on the same show anywhere on the planet before. But such is the random nature of our little show. 🙂

This episode Richy is left unmoved by The King, but pulls out his trump card for his ‘old’ selection. The classic Randomizer is back (apologies to any devout Christians offended by Richy’s choice), and the two new tracks are both corkers.

We’re looking for volunteers to help with a new segment on the show – “Random Friends’ Top Tens” – to answer the perennial music geek question: “what 10 albums can’t you live without?” Let us know yours and we might feature you on the show.

Finally – if you’re a fan of Richy’s choices don’t forget to check out the “Now That’s What I Call Richy Vol. 1” Mix

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it!!

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The Richy & Jeff Show #11

Black Tiger Sex Machine - Featured in Episode 15 Gus Gus - Featured in Episode 11Episode 11 and we welcome our second guest to the studio* – Richy’s good friend “Steve from Bristol”.

Another great selection of music – classic pop, a little bit of rockabilly, indie rock and several flavours of electronica – downbeat, bedroom, acid/minimal and commercial – and we enjoy a new festival-themed twist on the Randomizer that introduces us to a couple of great new bands.

Richy reports back from his bargain Hyde Park metal excursion, screws up a bit (but isn’t really bothered), experiences one of the major problems with Spotify and underwhelms with another US-alt-rock choice.

Jeff tells us about a chart milestone, mercilessly plugs the upcoming Led Zep 4 Vinyl Frontier and stays true-to-form, throwing in another great Depeche-mode influenced, bedroom electronica artist.

Steve, depresses us with a jazz/blues (?) classic, probably offends one of the best up-and-coming (not “Arctic Monkeys wannabes”) bands and introduces Rich to yet another outstanding German acid/techno artist.

If anyone else fancies being a guest, drop us a line!!

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it!!

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The Richy & Jeff Show #10

ep10-savages-post-imageEpisode 10… EPISODE 10!!

A epic show and a mini-milestone this week. We’re both happy to have made 10 quality episodes and (mostly) pleased with the music choices we’ve made.

We’ve played 87 tracks from loads of different genres and from all over the world, and on the whole we’ve liked what each other’s bought to the “decks”. We’ve got plans for a couple of special edition podcasts that we’ll unveil soon.

In the meantime, this week we have another mixed bag – some mainstream tracks, some decidedly not. Welsh folk. British folk. More American 70’s-influenced rock (not a Fleetwood Mac cover band, but close!), all-girl-post-punk and a banging remix of a favourite track from last weekend’s Glasto coverage.

Hear about Richy’s lucky purchase and his birthday plans for November. The Randomizer throws up a classic. We have a quick discussion about the best “Best Of…” albums and Richy tells Jeff about a ‘hidden’ function in iTunes. Plus, find out who won the Erasure vs Pet Shop Boys Vinyl Frontier battle.

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it!!

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The Richy & Jeff Show #9

John Grant - "Sigourney Weaver" featured in Episode 9Episode 9 in which Jeff consolidates his position as Mr Mainstream by choosing a live-electro-orchestral-pop-gem from a gig that he was actually at, a summery slice of urban dance pop (with a slightly melancholy edge) and a nicely reworked classic.

Richy picks a stylistic mish-mash from the late 90 s, a 70s MOR influenced track with great lyrics and gets the excuse he’s been after to play one of his gothic favourites.

Plus: Richy issues a disclaimer and Jeff tells him not to worry about it, we talk about another inappropriate compilation, report back from a couple of gigs (to summarise, both brilliant) and discuss the likely outcome of this weekend’s Erasure vs Pet Shop Boys duel at The Vinyl Frontier.

And, of course, the usual load of nonsense.

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it!! (Yes, we say that every week, but we really do mean it!)

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The Richy & Jeff Show #8

Kwabs - featured this weekAnother (possibly our most) chaotic affair, featuring our first special guest, winner of the Vinyl Frontier Singles Championship, Mr Steve Carman.

This episode’s highlights:

-Steve tells us why The Jam were his number 1 pick for the Singles Championship and then proceeds to confuse and horrify us with his choice for the Randomizer round. Strangely, he didn’t put us off having guests though, so we’ll line up a few more for future episodes.

– Jeff performs an acapella jingle for “The Randomizer”, chooses some more great electronica for his new track and discovers his “theme song”.

– Richy gets a chance to vent, chooses a couple of moody piano heavy pieces (not Richard Clayderman) and decides not to edit out some of this week’s cock ups 😉

Finally, we’ve decided not to put the tracklisting on these episode summaries anymore, you can now find them on our Facebook page,

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it!!

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The Richy & Jeff Show #7

Billy Joel - 'Captain Jack' featured in this week's episodeEpisode 7 and it’s all gone a bit “easy listening”…

Mostly mellow this week, if you’re looking for metal you came to the wrong place! Although… stick around to the end, the Wovenhand track is quite noisy.

Jeff picks a great story song by Britain’s favourite piano-basher/music-show-host and can’t resist throwing in another dollop of bedroom electronica, while Richy goes for a beautiful piece of mid-noughties shoegaze and some fire-and-brimstone folk metal…

We decide to play a few more tracks all the way through this week, mostly on the strength of the Alexi Murdoch song – it would’ve been criminal to fade it out. 🙂

Taurus – Spirit (excerpt)
Jools Holland feat. Louise Marshall – I Went By
Engineers – Come In Out Of The Rain
Alexi Murdoch – All My Days
Billy Joel – Captain Jack
Maxwell’s Complex – Hurting Inside Out
Maxwell’s Complex – It Doesn’t Matter Two (excerpt)
Maxwell – Sumthin’ Sumthin’ (excerpt)
Wovenhand – The Refractory

There’s a lot of talk about live music, we pass judgement on the Taurus / Led Zep legal case, Richy dredges up an aberration from his collection and Jeff tells us about the Vinyl Frontier Single Championship, which Richy is “competing” in but has no possibility of winning!

Great tracklist this week, but as always, let us know what you think. We’re still after ideas for the Randomizer too (it’s Jeff’s favourite bit of the show!)

Thanks for listening, we really appreciate it!!

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