The Richy & Jeff Show #22


Episode 22 and we’re easing ourselves back into the swing of things with a short-but-sweet selection of “Easy Listening” and “Dad Rock”!

Jeff chooses a great, unsung piece of Folk Rock from the early 70’s that has a great story attached to it. Richy plays a forgotten 80’s number by a band who would mutate into something far more successful 10 years later.

The Randomizer lets us get all sentimental but throws up a bit of a dilemma for Richy.

The new tracks are much more “to form” with a couple of excellent electronic pieces – both of which owe a heavy debt to the past.

Not much to discuss in the way of musical highlights – always an issue in January – but despite that, as you’d expect there aren’t many awkward silences.

One imminent thing to look forward to, it’s Jeff’s “Vinyl Frontier – The Album Championship” this weekend, in which Richy – in a highly predictable move – will be singing (not literally) the praises of a Goth / not Goth masterpiece, which has little, to no hope of winning. We’ll undoubtedly report back next time!

Thanks for listening.

Richy & Jeff

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