The Richy & Jeff Show #23


Episode 23 and it’s a much longer show this time. Despite neither of us having done much over the last couple of weeks (other than Jeff’s excellent, sellout, Vinyl Frontier Album Championship) we find quite a lot to talk about.

Jeff chooses a favourite album track from his college dorm days and Richy surprises with a not-like-him-at-all, bongo-heavy, pre-house-music classic, and then reverts to type, squeezing in a goth-tinged post-punk gem.

The Randomizer gives us some food for thought and then has us going all ‘baggy’, which gets Richy reminiscing about one of the worst weekends of his life.

New tracks from an unknown (at the moment) balladeer of the pastoral-folk variety and a great electronic-folk/Americana track, played as a preview to gig later in the year.

Some bad news from the dance music scene leads Richy to remember a criminally ignored music-related film, Jeff introduces us to a French singer, club-owner, artist’s muse and wartime collaborator, we discuss whether the Pixies are any good and the merits of The Beach Boys. Status Quo get a mention as does Ian Brown’s recent appearance in court (but only briefly!), and Jeff looks forward to meeting the legend that is Tony Blackburn!!

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