The Richy & Jeff Show #24

Boxed In

Episode 24. We took a week off last week, so it’s been a while and we have a lot to talk about – and we deliver the longest (and possibly the most entertaining) episode yet.

Jeff goes proper old, old school for his first track – a quick, deeeep rendering of a true standard – but Richy only goes back a single decade for a concise slice of Brit-pop-mod-punk.

We revisit the Randomizer result that threw us a curveball last show – the tricky “Live Track”. Jeff chooses an absolute bona-fide ska classic, one of the very few live Number Ones. Richy goes for a bang up-to-date number from a Radio 1 session, by one of his current faves.

Then it’s back to new numbers with some anthemic Irish rock courtesy of Jeff and a piece of piano-led, 80’s post-punk influenced alt-rock from Richy (courtesy of Paul ‘Geezer’ Flower).

Richy reports back from the only gig of the year so far (a very slow start to 2015) and among other things we discuss: naughty band names, cancelled tours and excursions, Phil Collins, Jeff’s upcoming big Eurovision night out

We somehow manage to play some more obscure African guitar music, and end up spending waaay too much time discussing the bloody Black Eyed Peas (and Jeff gets far too excited!)

We had a great time recording this show, thanks for listening, hope you enjoy ot.

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