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The Richy & Jeff Show #7

Billy Joel - 'Captain Jack' featured in this week's episodeEpisode 7 and it’s all gone a bit “easy listening”…

Mostly mellow this week, if you’re looking for metal you came to the wrong place! Although… stick around to the end, the Wovenhand track is quite noisy.

Jeff picks a great story song by Britain’s favourite piano-basher/music-show-host and can’t resist throwing in another dollop of bedroom electronica, while Richy goes for a beautiful piece of mid-noughties shoegaze and some fire-and-brimstone folk metal…

We decide to play a few more tracks all the way through this week, mostly on the strength of the Alexi Murdoch song – it would’ve been criminal to fade it out. 🙂

Taurus – Spirit (excerpt)
Jools Holland feat. Louise Marshall – I Went By
Engineers – Come In Out Of The Rain
Alexi Murdoch – All My Days
Billy Joel – Captain Jack
Maxwell’s Complex – Hurting Inside Out
Maxwell’s Complex – It Doesn’t Matter Two (excerpt)
Maxwell – Sumthin’ Sumthin’ (excerpt)
Wovenhand – The Refractory

There’s a lot of talk about live music, we pass judgement on the Taurus / Led Zep legal case, Richy dredges up an aberration from his collection and Jeff tells us about the Vinyl Frontier Single Championship, which Richy is “competing” in but has no possibility of winning!

Great tracklist this week, but as always, let us know what you think. We’re still after ideas for the Randomizer too (it’s Jeff’s favourite bit of the show!)

Thanks for listening, we really appreciate it!!

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The Richy & Jeff Show #6

The HorrorsAll over the place again this week, some great tracks and a couple of (not so) guilty pleasures. We had a lot of fun with this one!

Voodoo swamp-blues, twee and not twee indie, classic 70s, and bang up-to-date-out-this-week goth-tinged stadium rock and several points in between.

C W Stoneking – The Love Me Or Die
Six By Seven – Brilliantly Cute
U2 – Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me (excerpt)
David Soul – Don’t Give Up On Us Baby (excerpt)
Helen Reddy – I Am Woman (excerpt)
The Boy Least Likely To – I’m Glad I’m Hitched My Wagon To Your Star
The Horrors – In And Out Of Sight
The Horrors – Sheena Is A Parasite (excerpt)

All this, plus a shout-out to the guys at, pub quiz nightmares, misheard lyrics, the worst music currently being used in a TV advert and Jeff plants a horrible vision in Richy’s mind.

This week’s “competition”: we’re after more subjects for The Randomizer, so post your suggestion/s on Soundcloud or Facebook. We’ll choose our favourite one and if you’re local to us you’ll win a pair of tickets to Jeff’s Electric Eighties night, May 16th in Marlow, if you’re elsewhere we’ll send you something nice 🙂

Thanks as always for listening!!

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