The Richy & Jeff Show #26


Episode 26 – quite a jaunty, light affair.

We start with one of Jeff’s favourite 80’s electronic numbers, from THE avant-synth-pop experi-mentalists, and we play a snippet of a reworked (hit) version featuring a true pop culture icon. Richy kicks off his ‘Swedish Indie Pop Trilogy” with a perfectly sweet 3 minute guitar pop number.

The Randomizer poses a near impossible question to answer – not quite ‘Best. Song. Ever.’ But close.. – and gives us the chance to play a couple of well known tracks by a two of the UKs biggest acts – Jeff’s favourite act and our coolest export.

New tracks this week from a French soul singer / producer duo and a champion beat boxer (although thankfully none of that nonsense on this track) set a nice mellow, dancey tone to close the show

Richy reports back from 2 gigs – one good, one a bit ‘meh’. We talk about Pharrell vs The Gayes and Kanye for Glasto (controversial? Nah) and we wonder if there’s a point to co-headline gig and double A-sides. Jeff announces the first date of his Vinyl Frontier World Tour. And since this is our “kinda-St. Patrick’s day show” we don’t play any Irish music.

Thanks as always for listening (and for reading this far, if you have… I guess you must have… Haven’t you?)

Richy & Jeff

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