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The Richy & Jeff Show #15

Black Tiger Sex Machine - Featured in Episode 15Episode 15 and we welcome our third guest to the show – DJ Mark Cooper, the previously hidden (at least to us) missing-link between Maidenhead and Ibiza.

As well as discussing Mark’s background, influences and current projects:
– Richy & Jeff report back from their trip to RockArchive, London ( for the Isle Of Noises ( book launch with author Daniel Rachel and special guest Chris Difford (‘im from Squeeze, innit!)
– Richy flies very much in the face of popular opinion
– Jeff admits to being a “giver”

Musically, Jeff’s back in the mainstream for his old track but then dives into deeper, darker water with another Soundcloud find for his new track.

Mark reveals a major influence and reminds us of an 80’s gem and then treats us to a preview of his New Bedford Falls Players ( track, “Cool Bango”.

Richy chooses a piece of druggy US pop-rock from the early noughties and a track from the new album by one his favourites (clue: see Episode 2!)

The Randomizer throws up a subject ripe for embarrassment and hilarity – and three TOTALLY different tracks.

Hope you enjoy the show, we certainly had a blast recording it. Get in touch let us know what you think.

Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it.

Richy & Jeff (and Mark!)

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The Richy & Jeff Show #14

Episode 14 and it’s all goneĀ a bit heavy…

Things start off gently enough with an ex-Beatle and some nice 80’s inspired synthpop (which reminds us of a true 80’s gem), but then it takes a left turn into darker territory.

The Randomizer gives Richy a perfect opportunity to depress everyone (although he claims that his track is a ‘nice’ piece that offers a chance for a moment’s contemplation) while, in a first, Jeff decides he can’t choose a track for this show’s subject, but plays a depressing tune anyway!

And then we’re back on familiar synth-heavy ground. Jeff plays a great piece of dark-electro-industrial-lite-dance music from one of his new twitter friends in LA and Richy chooses a new track from one of post-metal’s most interesting and hardworking frontmen – one huge band, three great side projects and an unmistakeable voice – which introduces us both to a previously unknown (and stupid) genre.

Richy reports back from Jane’s Addiction gig and is reminded that he needs to get on with putting together Now That’s What I Call Jeff Vol 1, while Jeff raises the almost inevitable Kate Bush discussion and proves once again that he is the light to Richy’s dark.

We had a lot of fun recording this show, hope you enjoy it, thanks as always for listening.

Episode 14 Tracklist
Kate Bush – The Dreaming
George Harrison – What is Life?
M83 – Kim & Jessie
The Lotus Eaters – First Picture Of You
The Cure – All Cats Are Grey
The Associates – Breakfast
Army On The Dancefloor – Machine MP3
Crosses – This Is A Trick

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