The Richy & Jeff Show #25



This week’s episode was always going to be a challenge for Richy, after a day on which everything he listened to sounded awful and annoying. Luckily, Jeff was in a far better mood (as usual!).

Old tracks are a classic from a soul/pop innovator and legend (with a snippet of a more recent – and in Richy’s opinion, superior – rock cover version) and a forgotten but recently resurrected 90s indie/prog band.

The Randomizer is back and throws up some real obscurities – one of which cheers Richy up no end. (Polite notice: Richy’s track turns into two tracks, making for 8 minutes or so of challenging, dark alt-Americana).

New tracks from a German, reggae/funk/pop/dance/electronica act, courtesy of Jeff (of course) and a not-really-new-but-new-to-him bit of melancholy Grunge from Richy. We end with a crushing disappointment, an example of what an unchecked heroin addiction can do to a beautiful song.

Along the way we offend Clash fans everywhere, discuss the merits – or otherwise – of moving the charts to a Friday night (in summary: “Meh.”), Madge’s tumble at the Brits, Jeff’s pet subject of original vs cover version and lots of other, probably pointless, nonsense.

Richy mentions the Easter Egg that he hid in the description of the last episode – which is still unclaimed… Hint, hint…

Thanks as always for listening, we really do appreciate it.

Richy & Jeff

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