The Richy & Jeff Show #19

Sky Ferreira - as featured in Episode 19Episode 19 and we’re back on schedule – with no technical hitches!

We recap on a pretty uneventful week since Episode 18, no gigs to review this week but some tickets bought. We discuss the result of Jeff’s Vinyl Frontier 70s singer songwriter head-to-head and Jeff decides to ease us in to the show with one of the featured tracks for his Old Song. Richy picks a track that may well have been recorded in the 80s, but wasn’t.

The Randomizer is temporarily replaced with a “lucky dip” inspired by Q magazine’s Top 50 Albums Of 2014 – Jeff’s luck holds up but Richy picks two absolute (but short-lived) stinkers. Sorry for the naughty words…

For new songs this show, Jeff goes for an an electronic torch-song by one of the Twitterati, Carey Nokey (geddit?) and Richy plays what could possibly be his song of the year. And then sneaks in another by the same artist – because he can and because they’re worth it!

We belatedly discuss The Mercury awards, play a quick clip of one of Aphex Twin’s more bonkers but insanely clever tracks, talk songwriters and give a couple of shout-outs to good friends of ours.

Thanks as always listening!

Richy & Jeff

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