The Richy & Jeff Show #17

Big BlackStarts with a bang!

Episode 17 and no Jeff this week as he’s off on another holiday (!!?) – “Treats this podcast like a hotel, that one!” – so, our good friend DJ Mark Cooper steps in to fill the void.

We start the show with a right screeching racket – a track from a classic, influential album with a naughty name – and then get all funky, dancey, spacey, poppy and gothy with a few other flavours thrown in (listen out for the tracks by bands with really great names).

Co-incidentally two bands from Bristol (Richy’s home town) this week, one from ages ago and one from right now.

Jeff “phones in” a piece of melancholy pop for a kind-of randomiser round – it probably could have done with him being here to defend it.

Mark claims the crown for “Richy’s most hated song ever played on the show”. – displacing Laibach’s “The Whisperers” from the throne.

We talk about cover versions – come on UK, The Pet Shop Boys? Seriously!? – a great gig we went to, Krautrock and loads of other stuff.

* There’s some annoying interference from the laptop at points during the show. It’s not too bad, but apologies anyway. We’ll try and sort it for next time.

Thanks as always listening!

Richy & Jeff

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